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Headwrappers becomes Deresina Headwear Partner

Deresina Headwear supply some fantastic items of headwear and we are delighted to announce their latest initiative, Buy 2 Donate, is naming HeadWrappers as one of their partners.

Deresina offer HeadWrappers’ clients a 10% discount by using the code headwrappers10.

Please read below for details of Buy 2 Donate.


Buy to Donate: Support Those in Need and Make a Difference

At Deresina Headwear, we believe in the power of giving back. We understand the challenges individuals face when dealing with hair loss due to medical conditions, and we are committed to making their journey a bit easier.

We are excited to introduce our new "Buy to Donate" initiative. This unique program allows you, our valued customers, to directly contribute to charities that provide our products to those in need. When you purchase an item to donate, the proceeds go to one of the five charities we work with, helping them continue their valuable work.

Here's how it works:

  1. Select the products you wish to donate.

  2. During the checkout process, enter the delivery address of the charity you wish to support. The addresses of our partner charities are listed below.

  3. Complete your purchase.

  4. We will handle the rest! We'll send your chosen products directly to the charity on your behalf. Not only will you be providing individuals experiencing hair loss with high-quality headwear, but your purchase will also contribute to the funding of these important organizations.

Here are the charities that we have partnered with:

HeadWrappers: Empowering Individuals Experiencing Hair Loss

HeadWrappers is a remarkable charity offering complimentary services to individuals dealing with hair loss resulting from cancer treatment. Their mission is to demonstrate that there are appealing alternatives to wigs, providing hope and confidence to those on this challenging journey.

The expert advisors at HeadWrappers (Charity Number: 1177981) specialize in showcasing easy-to-follow, yet impactful methods of tying scarves, presenting a stylish and comfortable solution to hair loss. Additionally, they provide insightful advice on scalp and hair care, assisting individuals before, during, and after cancer treatment with thoughtful headwear tips.

Delivery Address:


Sunny Lodge

16 Belmont Close

Uxbridge, Middx


Every purchase makes a significant difference, and we encourage you to join us in supporting these wonderful charities. Together, we can bring comfort and confidence to those dealing with hair loss and contribute to a cause that changes lives.

Thank you for your support and for being a part of our mission at Deresina Headwear.

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