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Running the London Marathon on behalf of HeadWrappers

My name is Katey and I can't tell you how honoured I am to be representing HeadWrappers in the London Marathon this April, knowing that every mile and every penny will help towards such an amazing cause and having the charity in mind is all the motivation I need do my best on the day.

I have been running now for nearly 8 years in various race distances and am proud to say that I have not only been part of a children’s running club for 4 of those years but I am a running leader for The Foxy Ladies Running Club in Worthing, West Sussex where I live.

I have led groups of ladies from ages from 14 to 67 with a variety of goals and motivation.

Some of our members simply want some "me time" away from the children and husbands, some want to get healthy and lose weight, but we have also had ladies join that have been through life threatening illnesses and use running as a therapy.

My training so far has been good, I'm running distances longer and more often than my body is used to but I'm ahead of where I should be on my plan which is great!

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