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Introducing Chemogiftbags

Chemogiftbags is a small charity covering the Thames Valley Area. We provide care packages for ladies and gents who are undergoing chemotherapy due to breast cancer. Our website is

Many people go through their treatment isolated and alone, not having anyone to support them or have someone who knows what it is like to have this gruelling disease. Our aim is to show people that we care and we know how they feel.

Our bags are full to the brim with luxury and necessary products from natural toiletries to blankets and fluffy socks. We provide beautiful heart shaped cushions to support and provide comfort under the arm following surgery. Our Chemogiftbags also help with any financial burden someone may have. They can also take some of the anxiety away as a breast cancer patient does not have to worry about what to purchase, it is all in the bag.

Our bags are hand packed by volunteers in our warehouse then delivered to the recipient by one of our Ambassadors.

We are providing a service that is welcomed by the recipient, their family and friends but also from persons working closely with breast cancer patients in oncology departments.

As our stap line says.... Chemogiftbags 'From People Who Care'

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