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Cold water massage!

Can you think of anything more unpleasant than a cold shower? No, me neither!

But your hair and scalp love cold water and here’s why.

Brings a rush of blood to warm the brain and with-it extra nutrients and oxygen giving your follicle a kick start wake up call.

Closes the cuticle helping your hair look shinier and locking in moisture.

Controlling frizz and helps maintain colour.

So why not give it a go and see the difference it can make.

1. Wet hair thoroughly with warm water.

2. Dispense a small amount of shampoo into the centre of the palm and rub hands together to coat the palms, then gently pat shampoo all over hair.

3. Gently wash hair.

4. Rinse shampoo thoroughly with warm water, repeat if second wash is needed.

5. Rinse hair in cold water, massage scalp for approximately 20 seconds, (singing Happy Birthday twice is about the right time), then repeat four times.

6. Apply conditioner and comb through with fingers coating the hair. Concentrating on mid lengths and ends. Leave on until you finish bathing or cover with a shower cap and leave for 5 - 20 mins for a deep condition.

7. Rinse conditioner with warm water, not hot. Blot hair dry. Leave to air dry or style normally.

You will feel refreshed, and your hair and scalp will thank you. Enjoy.

With thanks to Elizabeth Smith, Trichologist at Aderans for this information.


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