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Do you know anyone who is about to start or is going through Chemo?

Do you think they'd like to receive a gift of some scarves?

There are some fabulous companies and small businesses out there that make and sell Chemo headwear. I totally understand and appreciate the time it takes to make these items, and the cost is totally justifiable (well some of them!). Unfortunately, not everyone can justify and has the means to spend out on these items. Being diagnosed with cancer is bad enough but can be a very different experience when you are struggling financially. So hopefully here's where I can offer a little help......I have been collecting head scarves, rummaging through charity shops and my plea for help on Facebook has just been unbelievable. I have been inundated with scarves, it’s just wonderful and heart-warming 😊 If you'd like to nominate someone who is going through or just about to start Chemo and you think they'd love a gift of scarves in the post (this is all free of charge) then please send me through their name and address and I'll get a package sent out to them. I can add a personal message if you'd like, or you can keep in anonymous. If you are reading this and going through Chemo yourself and need some scarves? Then please just message me too with your details 😊 In this day and age it’s so important that we recycle and reuse where and when we can. Hoping that I can help and bring a little joy to any of you going through Chemo. Jo aka ‘The Tit-less Wonder’

Follow Jo’s Instagram account: tit_less_wonder for more details.


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