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Tracy's big chop!

Like everyone, I didn’t get my hair cut during lockdown, apart from a little home trim by my son’s girlfriend (not a hairdresser!). My last proper haircut was about December 2019. However, when we were finally allowed our freedom I didn’t get around to it for ages so I thought as it had got rather long I would look into donating my hair for wig making for people who lose their hair due to cancer treatment or other illnesses. I tried various places but struggled to find one that would take my old - this is now.

Back view of Tracy's long blonde hair

I haven’t dyed it since 2014, apart from temporary blue streaks for festivals! (I have just carefully dyed just my fringe blue, ensuring the rest isn’t touched in case it doesn’t wash out, as I am about off to volunteer at a festival this week). I finally found a wig makers who create grey wigs (as well as other colours) who are happy to take my grey/white/blonde hair donation (my natural colour now) – the company is Banbury Postiche - Professional Hairdressing and Wigmaking Materials.

However, I wanted to use the opportunity to fundraise for my friend, Julie’s charity, Headwrappers. Whilst they don’t supply wigs, they do provide headwear (and support) for those with hair loss due to illness. Some of you may remember Julie Ramsdale as she worked in SCC for many years in our team, and before that in the Road Safety Team. She left SCC to enable her to focus more on her charity work.

As you can see, my hair really needs a good cut! The scraggy ends are heading for my waist at the back. So I have finally gone for the plunge and booked ‘The Big Chop’ for 30th September. I’m a bit scared as I have always had longish hair, and I’m not sure how short it will need to be to get enough for a wig: I will have to leave that to my hairdresser! Photos of ‘during’ and ‘after’ will be provided if interested.

It would be great if you could sponsor me by donating to Julie’s lovely charity, using my GoFundMe page quoting “Tracy’s Big Chop!”, (which will also stop me from chickening out!!) Thanks very much 😊.


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