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Carol Bastie has written a couple of poems that explain her hair loss experience. 


I had a little wobble,

Actually, it was a big one to be fair,

I had hoped it would not bother me...

But now I'm losing all my hair.

The despondency and sadness

Was really quite profound...

As my hair tumbled from my head

And lay there all around.

It had been my crowning glory...

I ensured that it looked right,

I had it trimmed and coloured regularly

So, I wouldn't look a fright.

Now I look like I have the mange,

With great clumps all falling out...

I knew that this would happen

But "It's not fair" I want to shout!

I couldn't wear the ice cold cap

As I was in so much pain...

So, I'll just do fancy hats and scarves

'till it all grows back again.

headwrappers poem

If you are going through treatment,

And you think you will lose your hair,

Get in touch with HeadWrappers

Because they show kindness, and they care.

I went to one of their meetings

It was filled with fun and laughter

I know I felt empowered

And I felt we were looked after.

You might not lose all your hair

But you'll need to keep your head warm

You can learn to be creative...

Turning your headwear into an art-form.

A bag of goodies for us to try

Information about our skin...

An exchange of pearls of wisdom,

It's an excellent place to begin.

A clip-on flower or adorn with beads?

Go ahead, customise with your own flair...

The tutorials gave me confidence...

It was truly a breath of fresh air.

The lovely presenters displayed what to do,

Twirling, knotting, explaining...

Talking us through each step of the way

The hour was most entertaining.

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A community to share hair loss experiences, tips, and advice as well as bring support to others.

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