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Today I had the pleasure of doing an online headscarf tying course. I learned a lot (mainly how rubbish I am at knots) and I'm excited to practice some of my new skills. Regular courses are run by the lovely ladies at HeadWrappers.

While the hair loss hasn't been too much of an issue for me on the whole, it's definitely something that is difficult to talk about openly - largely because it's an awkward and 'clunky' conversation to have. Somehow talking about my hair has become more taboo than talking about my boobs.

While I'm ok with taking photos without a head covering, I generally take a few (light bounces off my head a lot). Somehow, it's easier to do photos in my own home than be in front of people.

The biggest benefit to me today was seeing other women at various stages of hair loss. I find that if I'm changing my covering in front of others that I feel a little self-conscious. It was so liberating today to be bald and bold!

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A community to share hair loss experiences, tips, and advice as well as bring support to others.

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