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Penny holding a drink in her right hand sitting in a wooden chair looking at the camera.

I am a 49-year-old mother to a grown-up daughter. The 28th of June 2022 changed my life forever when I was diagnosed with triple-positive breast cancer.


After the endless yet gruelling biopsies, tests, scans and appointments I was finally given my plan. Which would start off with four months of gruelling chemotherapy which would be followed by surgery, radiotherapy and endocrine treatment. 

All I could think of when I was told I had the dreaded cancer was am I going to lose my beautiful long hair! 

I knew from that date onwards, I had a battle on my hands and that I was going to fight this with all that I have. I did my research on the cold cap treatment prior to my first chemo session in August. I did two sessions of the cold cap treatment and I gave it my best but unfortunately, after two sessions my hair started to fall out in clumps to almost having very little hair left. I took the brave decision to go for a full shave of the head at my hairdressers and came out like a different person without a shed of tears.


I surprised myself how strong I became over the coming months. I embraced my new look, regardless of the endless stares from strangers. It only made me stronger!


Having heard such wonderful things about future dreams and what they offer to breast cancer individuals. I decided instead of sometimes hiding behind my hat to embrace my bald head and to attend my first ever Headwrappers class and become creative with the head wraps that I was given and already had and learnt new ways to use and accessorise.


I am forever grateful to the ladies at headwrappers for giving me the confidence and showing me kindness every step of the way. To top it off you get to take a goodie bag full of hair scarfs and accessories home too. I have a long road ahead of me, but I am a fighter and I am very positive about my future and my health. 

Penny in a hospital chair holding a rose gold balloon that says no more chemo!
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